Do you know what is the number one growth area in web promotion? It's Social Media Networking, and it's turning the idea of traditional marketing on it's head! Social Media Networking allows you to reach a tech-savvy demographic and develop a long-term relationship with millions of potential customers. We will harness the power of Web 2.0 with a social media networking plan catered to your specific business needs. Using networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we will promote your website, enhance your brand image and create buzz for your company - all the while driving targeted traffic to your business! Social Media optimization bridges the gap between search marketing and social media, allowing your business promotion plan to benefit from the best of both. It's now easier then ever to reach potentially millions of people and turn those readers into targeted traffic.

No Time?

We do all the hard work for you. We will create a buzz about your business across multiple social media sites, help you build a relationship with your fans - your sales prospects - and help your content travel. You will enjoy more targeted website traffic and link-backs, improved customer relationships and increased brand awareness. Links - and therefore targeted traffic - are generated from profile pages at social media sites, web widgets, social network applications and viral spreading. More links mean higher search engine rankings. Your relationship with your customer base is improved by developing deeper, two-way communications through social media sites. Finally, brand awareness is increased from viral messages on your company traveling throughout the social web. Can you afford not to take advantage of this new trend?

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What's Included

  • Facebook, custom landing page - 3 posts per week
  • Twitter, custom landing page - 3 tweets per week
  • LinkedIn - Business setup
  • Blog - create blog - 3 posts per week
  • Directory submissions - 20 per month