Your target audience with Interactive Marketing

Have you ever had a one-sided conversation with somebody? For example, you are saying exciting, creative things and they are staring back at you with a blank stare? This is what happens when a great advertisement sits out on the World Wide Web gaining cobwebs, waiting for someone to see it. UGGHHH!

What your potential customers want is to be able to have instant interaction with you. With interactive marketing, such as a custom quizzes, they are immediately telling you what they like, what they want and how quickly they want to buy it! In this two-way conversation with you, they are also implanting you into their memory and sharing your brand with their friends. 

When businesses use Interactive Marketing to spread the word about thier products or services:

  • The percentage of participants who opt in to receive follow up emails 60% 60%
  • Customer conversion rate 70% 70%
  • Businesses find Interactive Marketing more ATTENTION GRABBING than static marketing 82% 82%
  • Potential customers stay on your internet platforms (website, social media) 5 times longer than platforms with a static message 87% 87%

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